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Nissan Synthetic Oil Change

Certified Local Nissan Synthetic Oil Changes in Newark, DE

When you get a synthetic oil change, you’re getting the very best for your car. It only makes sense that you want an oil change to be taken care of by the best technicians who use the best parts, and we can help. At Porter Nissan, our service center provides high-quality synthetic oil changes so that you can take care of your engine the right way. We’ll help you keep your engine running smoothly as long as possible.

How Synthetic Oil Differs From Other Oils

Synthetic oil is a special type of oil that’s been chemically bolstered to optimize its performance under the temperatures and pressures of your engine. Synthetic oil lasts longer than any other oil because of this, minimizing the number of times you have to change your oil. Conventional oil is the standard motor oil used across the country, and while it is a more economical option in the short term, it needs to be changed more often. Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of conventional and synthetic oils.

What Happens During a Synthetic Oil Change

A synthetic oil change involves changing out whatever old oil you have with synthetic oil. We start by accessing the underside of your car and opening the oil drain plug, which drains all the old oil out. Once the oil is drained, we replace the oil filter with a brand-new OEM filter. After that, we close the drain plug and cover up the bottom of your car, and then we fill your car’s oil pan with up to six quarts of genuine Nissan synthetic oil.

OEM Parts Make Your Oil Change Better

Our service center has OEM parts for your oil changes, and they’re the best parts you can use. These parts are the same used during the assembly of your vehicle, so you get like-new quality every time you use an OEM part. OEM parts are the parts that your vehicle was designed to use and can provide you with the best power and performance possible for your car.

Synthetic Oil Change Service

Come to Porter Nissan for Your Synthetic Oil Change

Our service center is the number one provider of Nissan synthetic oil changes for Newark, Wilmington, Brookside, and Ogletown, DE; Elkton, MD; and the surrounding areas. Our state-of-the-art facility provides everything you need, from our comfortable waiting area to our courtesy loaners. We even provide a complimentary multi-point inspection with any service, so you gain the knowledge you need to take care of your car every time you come in for service. Set up your appointment with our online service scheduler or call us today!

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