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Nissan Rogue Service & Repair in Newark, DE

The Nissan Rogue is a perfect SUV for both city driving and active vacations across the country. As part of your investment in the Rogue, routine service for preventative maintenance is a must. At Porter Nissan, we provide the best Nissan Rogue service in Newark, near Wilmington, Elkton, and Brookside, DE. When you need a bit more than the basics, we are also here to help with a full staff of certified technicians ready to tackle both complex issues, such as major parts replacements, and every day repairs.

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Nissan Rogue Oil Change

Your Nissan Rogue needs an oil change every 3,000 to 10,000 miles based on your oil usage. Conventional oil drivers need a change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles while full synthetic is generally every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Semi-synthetic blends hit the mid-range. When you visit Porter Nissan for your first oil change, we review your mileage and establish the best timeframe for a repeat visit to avoid future engine issues and confusion over when to stop by again.

Nissan Rogue Tire Service

From a leak patch job to installing a new set of four tires, we have you covered at Porter Nissan. We also offer the in-between services you need, such as regular tire rotations, tire health inspections, and the annual balancing review and adjustments. Our tire offerings cover a wide range of price options while providing the quality you expect.

Nissan Rogue Transmission Service

Transmission service needs vary from model to model and for different years due to advancements in engineering and design. Always consult your maintenance manual for the best guidance for routine transmission services for your Rogue, such as your transmission inspections, transmission fluid exchanges, and checks for hose leaks and other issues. Porter Nissan provides a full range of services to keep your transmission operating in top shape and also offers repair and replacement services when larger investments are needed.

Nissan Rogue Brake Service

If you are driving in town daily and always tapping the brakes for red lights and stop signs or riding the brakes in slow-moving traffic, it's entirely possible your brakes still need to be changed at the old standard 30,000 miles. We can help you determine if this is necessary when you keep a brake inspection scheduled every six months. For those who drive in more pastoral landscapes with few stops and starts, the mileage on one set of brake pads can stretch to 70,000 miles. Regular inspections are still needed to assess the pads as well as other braking components, including your brake fluid, calipers, and rotors/drums.

Nissan Rogue Battery Options

Keeping your charging system in top order is essential for safe motoring. Few things leave you stranded in a parking lot faster than a dead battery. When you start to notice a decline in cranking ability, stop by for a battery inspection. We test your battery and are able to offer an OEM Nissan Rogue battery replacement when necessary. We can also provide battery inspections during other service visits as a maintenance check-in.



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