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Nissan Recall Service Department in Newark, DE

Did you just receive a notification letter detailing that your Nissan needs a recall service? If so, Our Nissan recall service department is the leading provider of safety and service campaign recall services for local Nissan drivers in Newark, Wilmington, Ogletown, Brookside, DE, and Elkton, MD. Our certified technicians receive recall-specific training and complete all recall services precisely according to the technical bulletin. Our aim is to schedule and complete recall services quickly and conveniently, reducing customers' time and hassle. Recall services must be completed by a Nissan-authorized dealership at no charge to the owner. Schedule your Nissan’s recall service today at Porter Nissan in Newark, DE.

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Safety Recalls

Americans enjoy strict vehicle and roadway safety regulations established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Nissan is equally invested in vehicle safety and collaborates with the NHTSA investigating models with excessive risk reports. Safety recalls are tools used by the automotive industry and regulatory authorities such as the NHTSA to eliminate risks. Nissan drivers need to know the safety risk standard is very low relative to individual impact probability; however, the wise decision is to get safety recall service scheduled as soon as possible to eliminate the risk.

Service Campaign Recalls

Nissan is an international automaker known for practical, efficient, and safe vehicles. Nissan uses service campaigns to fix performance-related shortcomings to promote expected performance and customer satisfaction. Although service campaigns don’t involve safety risks, Nissan recommends scheduling the recall service promptly for the promised driving experience.

Checking for Nissan Recall

Most Nissan owners prefer the Nissan Lookup Tool when checking for active recalls and services. Simply access the Nissan Lookup Tool available on our website and search by submitting the vehicle identification number (VIN). We welcome customers to call the service center when open to discuss recall-specific questions with our knowledgeable service advisor.

Schedule Recall Service at Porter Nissan in Newark, DE

Nissan owners can schedule recall service appointments via the online service scheduler or call the service center. Online appointment scheduling features 24-7 accessibility and speedy completion, often faster than by phone for tech-savvy customers. We invite you to schedule your recall service during extended weekday or Saturday service hours if challenged with scheduling service appointments during the traditional weekday, 9-5 hours.

Check For Recalls

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