Porter Nissan Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Check Engine Light Diagnosis
in Newark, DE

Certified Nissan Check Engine Light Diagnosis in Newark, DE

Your Nissan is a wonderful machine, and its high levels of performance, safety, and quality are what keep you driving it. Like other cars, Nissan models are complicated machines, which can leave room for potential issues to occur. In order to combat this, there are multiple sensors and ways of letting you know if something has gone wrong. Some of these sensors turn on the check engine light, and at Porter Nissan, we can provide the check engine light diagnosis that you need.

What Turns on the Check Engine Light

Your fuel line has multitudes of sensors in and on it, all measuring some aspect of the fuel system and its function. This means that you have sensors from your fuel line all the way down to your exhaust pipe, all letting your car's computer know what's functioning and what's not. When a sensor has an abnormal reading, it sends a code to the computer, which logs it and then turns on your check engine light, letting you know that something needs attention soon.

How Check Engine Light Diagnosis Works

When you visit our service bay, our technicians will check the code from the computer that caused the check engine light to turn on. This code will let us know what the abnormal reading is and approximately where it was taken so they can start the diagnosis. This involves going through your engine and ruling out various causes of malfunction, all until they find one that could be correct. Once they verify that the cause they found is what's turning on the check engine light, they'll let you know and help you understand how you can proceed.

Why Get the Check Engine Light Diagnosed

The check engine light can turn on due to various issues that may have happened, some serious and others not so serious. However, you can never know which one it is until you get a diagnosis. If the problem is particularly serious, your check engine light will blink repetitively, which indicates that you should pull over immediately and get a tow. However, a solid check engine lights coming on just indicates that you should see us, your friendly local Nissan service center, as soon as you can.

Come to Porter Nisan for Your Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Diagnosing the check engine light can reveal important changes in your car's functioning and let you know of the things you need to do to prevent it from breaking down. You can relax in our comfortable waiting area, which has flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi, so set up your appointment with our online scheduler today!

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